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Annual Memberships: Individuals $495 - Families $695

24/7 worldwide emergency medical response & air ambulance service for:

Membership Benefits Available:

Traveler's Air Ambulance Medical Assistance

Private JetMD provides emergency medical assistance service to its members traveling more than 150 miles from home including: medical referrals to accredited physicians and facilities, medical case management and monitoring, transportation when medically necessary, emergency medical evacuation, medically supervised repatriation and more details about Travelers Medical Assistance and Air Ambulance services...

Emergency Medical Evacuation by Air Ambulance

In the event of illness or injury which may not be treated locally at a Western Accredited Hospital or Medical Clinic, Private JetMD will provide Emergency Medical Evacuation to the closest trauma or specialized medical facility, as medically necessary to continue treatment of patient. more details about Emergency Medical Evacuation by an Air Ambulance...

Medically Supervised Repatriation by Air Ambulance:

Once a patient has been discharged from the hospital and is past the acute phase of treatment, Private JetMD will arrange for the return of the patient to their home, local Hospital, Skilled Nursing Facility or Rehabilitation Center with certified Medical Escorts. more details about Medically Supervised Repatriation by Air Ambulance...

Medical Case Management and Review:

From the moment you make your first call until you are back home recovering, Private JetMD provides complete Medical Case Management and Review directly by our Chief Medical Officer and our own staff of Physicians. more details about Medical Case Management and Review...

Pre-trip Health and Medical Information Assistance:

We offer pre-trip information to assist Private JetMD Members to be well-prepared for traveling abroad. Our members are encouraged to contact us during travel preparation to become aware of any important health or safety concerns regarding their travel destination. Private JetMD can get you the facts and information you need to make sure your health and well being are protected as best as possible while you travel. more details about Pre-trip Health and Medical Information Assistance...

Lost Document, Legal, and Communication Assistance:

If you lose your passport, we can provide assistance for lost documents and work with your nearest Embassy or Consulate to provide you with a replacement. When unexpected legal concerns arise Private JetMD can quickly get you the needed answers from qualified legal experts where you are traveling. Anywhere in the World, if you find yourself in need of Emergency Communication Assistance you can call Private JetMD for translation and message relay assistance. more details about Lost Document, Legal, and Communication Assistance...